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Dear Super Junior

Super JuniorWhen I didn’t know anything about you before. I always have money to buy anything I want. I don’t spend much time on my laptop, I don’t even have a twitter account, I do not go into concert even once, I only have a less hundred of friends. But when I started to know you I’m hanging on my laptop more often just to watch your MVs, shows, live performances etc., I also create a twitter acc just to follow you, I’m losing all my allowance just to buy all of your albums and merchandise. I even spent more than a thousand just to be there on your concert. I gain more than a hundred of friends that you can call elfs. I can’t believe that I’m doing these things that I’ve never done before in my whole life. I don’t know what kind of drugs are you, But I’m so addicted to you. Knowing you is the best part of my life. Being your fan is the most happiest thing that ever happened to me. I promise to believe and protect all of you.

♥  From, a loyal ELF :)

i will PROM15E TO 13ELIEVE !! 

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